Glob-com is a team with strong expertise and experience in mobile applications, web-services and information systems.

For more than 10 years we have been creating technically complex products by solving business problem and observing strict timing.

We work with large, medium-size businesses and government companies that seek to implement technological solutions and automate business processes.


In our work, we use the SCRUM methodology.

Scrum and our clear, streamlined processes allow us to guarantee the necessary result: the project is implemented on time, with the required quality and without the headache of customers.

For example, to develop and launch a pilot project with optimal cost and timing. Thus, you save time and money at the start, minimize the number of errors, and begin to receive profit from the project immediately after launch.


How does it work?

We use a comprehensive approach: we are able to delve into business processes, analyze requirements, research the market, conduct testing, draw the right conclusions and implement the best decisions.


1. Start

Get to know managers and learn from the customer about the goals and tasks facing the project.

2. Analytics

Analyze the target audience of the project, analyze competitors, build the project structure and create a pilot prototype.

3. Development

Draw the design, layout, and assembly of the site or application.

4. Testing

Check previously built hypotheses, correct selected solutions and correct errors.

5. Integration

Commissioning of the project, as well as the binding of the necessary services and systems.

6. Development

Technical support, as well as regular updating and improvement of the project code.

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