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We present a list of the main works that we carry out in order to optimize the download speed.

Customer optimization

  • Configure collection of speed metrics before and after
  • Js / css build analysis
  • Script loading optimization
  • Optimization of images, fonts and media files
  • Optimization of loading other people's scripts
  • Developing logic to gradually load parts of a web page
  • HTML Compression
  • Install / configure webpack / gulp collectors to reduce size
  • Asynchronous code download
  • Search and optimization of blocking js scripts
  • Caching of third-party scripts
  • And other types of work

Server optimization

  • Configuring the collection of metrics for the speed of query, scripts, functions, database queries.
  • Configuring compression and caching of pages and static files
  • Configure Web Caching
  • Optimization of server script loading speed
  • Database optimization
  • Server Infrastructure Optimization
  • Monitoring system settings for receiving notifications of a decrease in download speed of both the server part and the client
  • And other types of work
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