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Projects must live, develop and adapt to modern requirements.

We are interested in long-term relationships and that is why we advise and continue to optimize already implemented solutions!

We can not only write code from scratch, but also take an existing project into work and put it in order according to your wishes!

Monitoring, support and development of projects 24/7 after launch!

We use the most modern and technological solutions for monitoring and debugging. All incident notifications are sent to the project chat bot in this way we make our work transparent. We provide an SLA report and are ready to ensure 99.9% product availability.

Our approach

Technical audit of the current state

We determine and predict the serviceability of services in critical situations, as well as determine the ability of the system to function in case of failures.

Ensuring fault tolerance

Experience and regular testing allows us to build sustainable infrastructures.

Support 24/7

  • 24/7 maintenance and development of your projects
  • Server Administration
  • Data backup
  • Software Code Upgrades and Online Error Resolution
  • Response time to an incident - up to 30 minutes

What does the client get?

  • Productivity increase
  • System Continuity and System Resiliency
  • Reduce maintenance costs
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